Ethiopia  Celebrated the 2019 National Science Fair 

Reported by Tsegaye Legesse 

November 10,2019

STEM Synergy in partnership with Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Science and Higher Education ( MoSHE), the National Commission for UNESCO, the Addis Ababa Liaison Office for UNESCO, the Ethiopian Academy of Science , Kotebe Metropolitan University and others has organized a Science Fair Competition from November 5 – 10, 2019 at the Headquarters of the Ethiopian Academy of Science. 

The competition was  among students that have  come from public and private schools all over the country. Students from the existing nine STEM centers present their work on topics including robotics, engineering and software applications. The exhibition was officially opened by Mrs. Tsion Teklu , Deputy minister of education, Professor Tsegie Woldemariam , President of Ethiopian Science Academy and Mr. Tsegaye Legesse, President of STEM Synergy. The exhibition was visited by high-profile government officials, science scholars, and the general public on the above dates from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

A total of 254 students participated in the event. Their project includes product and services that solve local problems including robotics, pharmaceutical, environmental, biomedical , transportation , business technologies and tools.

Finalists were selected by judges in the fields based on  rigid rubrics . And they were  rewarded with lab tops and other gifts.The Science Fair  marks the World Science Day which is commemorated on November 10. Worldwide, it is used to raise awareness of the contribution of science to societies. In particular, it is used to inspire creativity and innovation among Ethiopian students.

STEM Synergy announced its  major sponsor for the 2019 technology and innovation competition as being Boeing Company. It was disclosed that Boeing has awarded grants in the amount of $380,000 for STEM Synergy to carry on the science fair for the next three years. In a related news, Ethiopian Airlines is also mentioned as a a sponsor for the fair.

The event was recorded and televised by various regional and national  media and TV stations in the country for millions of people.

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