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STEM Synergy created “STEM TV Series” to widen our reach to students living far from the Ethiopian metropolitan areas typical of our STEM Centers. Our TV show has become a popular inspiration for all students and their families across the nation. See how our show has evolved!


  1. Ethiopian National Science Fair 2019
  2. Ethiopian National Science Fair 2018
  3. STEM Student Coding & Agtech Projects
  4. Local Science Fair – Foka 2018
  5. Labs Brief Overview
  6. Robotics Program
  7. Kids Program
  8. Students Use STEM to Solve Community Problems
  9. Ethiopian National Science Fair 2017
  10. Foka STEM Center
  11. Mobile Apps
  12. Kotebe Shared-Science High School
  13. Hawassa University STEM Center
  14. Introducing STEM TV


Through the years, the Ethiopian Herald national newspaper had often reported on STEM Synergy initiatives that across the nation.  In mid 2018, senior reporter Yared Gebremeden and STEM Synergy personnel hatched an idea to expand our media reach.  It was natural to combine forces and create a locally-produced TV show that would benefit the entire nation, taking advantage of the satellite TV reception that is now very common in Ethiopian family residences and even remote village communities.

The YG Productions video production company was formed to produce the”STEM TV Series” show episodes.  We selected Walta satellite TV to broadcast our show.  New episodes of our show are broadcast weekly, every Saturday at 6 p.m., a time when families are likely to be together.  The show’s popularity has encouraged the broadcaster to defray the cost of our airtime, as well as to fill their empty time slots with their choice of our episodes.  The “win-win” partnership  with Walta TV is one of the multiple accumulating paths of STEM Synergy sustainability.

The show is spoken in the local national language of Amharic.  English subtitles are added when uploading to YouTube, for the benefit of the Ethiopian diaspora and international community world-wide.

UPDATE:  Now as a menu tab “Stem-TV” on our website

The creation of, and the funding for, most of the STEM TV Episodes was by STEM Synergy’s. Additional producer information about our TV show production can be found here.

Click to watch Episode 10:

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