Science Museums

Bringing STEM enrichment to thousands of young students and families

A “Science Museum” is a hands-on platform of scientific discovery in an informal setting. A visit to a STEM Synergy Science Museum is fun and captivating for students and their friends and families.

Located on the campus of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (“AASTU”), our flagship Addis Ababa Science Museum (“AASM”)
offers interactive exhibits that encourage visitors to engage independently with both familiar and novel scientific concepts.
AASM is the first hands-on Science Museum of its kind in Ethiopia (as well as probably most of Africa.) Now operational, AASM draws at a rate of over 5000 new visitors each year.

STEM Synergy is working with Israel’s MadaTech Science Museum to complete two more science museums in the Ethiopian cities of Aksum and Mekele.
Images on this page are of the Addis Ababa Science Museum. Data is from 2017 visitor statistics.


Boy / Girl Visitors


New Visitors / Yr.


Int’l. Visitors


Local Visitors


NOTE : The Science Museums were funded by the Gelfand Family Charitable Trust, which preceded STEM Synergy. The Science Museums were subsequently donated to their respective municipalities or universities.