Youth Economic Opportunities

Ensuring young people gain meaningful economic opportunities is essential to reducing poverty and ensuring secure, stable societies. STEM Synergy builds the capacity of this new generation in order to create better economic benefits ( in the forms of  jobs and businesses)  that benefit themselves and their communities.

What do youth need to unleash their potential

Youth skills and Innovation through access to : 
  • Skills Development Training

  • Entrepreneurship and Jobs

  • Business Incubation & Acceleration

  • Micro-grants and Microfinance

The Challenge

Millions of  youth are unemployed in Ethiopia due to the mismatch of skills and labor demand of the market following the  70% to 30%  education policy to STEM and non- STEM  grouping of  fields of study matters respectively.

While major science and technology projects are outsourced to Chinese and Indians, the majority of graduates in the STEM field are unemployed or underemployed as daily laborers.

The unemployed youth in the Science and Technology are underutilized and are not engaged with full potential to contribute to the economy. They need to be upskilled to benefit themselves and their country. And there are no opportunities for these target group to engage them to economic activities.

Whereas  these groups of graduates  are trained  to produce tools and technologies that help to eradicate poverty and backwardness in the nation, their knowledge is not put into full force so as  to bring the intended outcome mainly due to lack of hands-on skills training in science and technology.

The Solution:

Providing Economic Opportunities  for unemployed youth in the STEM fields  to enhance their employability and entrepreneurship. Preparing skilled and employable workforce to spur economic prosperity is an essential part of our intervention.



Business Incubation and Acceleration :

Encouraging youth to engage with innovations in manufacturing, technology, agriculture, water, energy, health and education which are the real problems of the developing world.

Equipping youth with hands on knowledge, skills, solutions and capabilities to solve local problems. Empowering them to see each local problem as opportunity to create jobs and businesses.

Youth Workforce Development

  • Youth empowerment
  • Youth employment & entrepreneurship
  • Youth financial inclusion

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