Youth Workforce Development,Entrepreneurship & Financial Inclusion

Youth Economic Opportunities

Ensuring young people gain meaningful economic opportunities is essential to reducing poverty and ensuring secure, stable societies. STEM Synergy supports this new generation with  access to hands-on skills training,  information, capital, and market links in order to create better employment opportunities and/or businesses– for themselves and their communities.

Enabling Environments to unlock youth potential

Youth skills and Innovation through access to : 
  • Skills Development Training

  • Entrepreneurship and Jobs

  • Business Incubation & Commercialization

  • Micro-grants and Microfinance

The Challenge


Millions of  youth are unemployed in Ethiopia due to the mismatch of skills and labor demand of the market and the result of the  educational policy that dictated a 70% to 30%  ratio of  STEM and non- STEM college graduation rubrics.

The Solution:

Providing Economic Opportunities  for youth to enhance their employability and entrepreneurship

Equipping youth with hands on knowledge, skills, solutions and capabilities to solve local problems. Empowering them to see each local problem as opportunity to create jobs and businesses.

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