Our Vision 

Fighting poverty with STEM education, technology transfer and social enterprises.

 Our  Mission 

Promoting youth innovation, entrepreneurship, and career preparedness that expands economic opportunities through  STEM education,  technology transfer, and social enterprises. Promoting deep learning, creativity, and scientific inquiry method to solve real-world problems of society.


 Our Values

Impact First. Our programs, actions and decisions are guided by the  transformation we bring in the lives of poor people.

Be innovativeBe creative and continuously strive to improve our practice.

Be collaborative We succeed when we work together with partners and stakeholders for a common purpose

Respect EveryoneTreating people as people. We respect other peoples’ potential, their needs, and ideas regardless of their conditions. We value and seek to understand the perspectives of our staff, beneficiaries, clients, and partners.

Act with Integrity and accountability We operate and engage others in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner.




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