Our Vision

To produce world class scientists and engineers which would excel in the global market and  realize the country’s industrialization plan.

Our Mission

  • To provide early exposure to young boys and girls to hands on Science and Engineering experiences and spark interest to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as their future careers.
  • To promote true learning through trial and error, critical thinking, inquiry, discovery, teamwork, collaboration and communication
  • to solve the most pressing problems facing Ethiopia and the world, both today and tomorrow
1. MUTUAL RESPECT.         Always  at ALL times.                                 Give it….Expect it.
2. OWNERSHIP.                    From Start to Finish.                                   Take it… Own it.
3. LOYALTY.                          To Company and Clients                             Share  it…. Experience it.
4.DEPENDABILITY.               Now and Future                                          Show it…. Grow it.
5.EXCELLENCE.                   Positive Discipline to Project success.       Practice it & Achieve it.
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