Women and youth workforce development

Our business model focuses on projects that fight poverty,  unlock youth and women  entrepreneurial potential, and fuel more scalable and  sustainable economic development. 


Job creation and Entrepreneurship

Business Incubation and acceleration 

Employment and self-employment

Small and Medium Enterprises( SMEs) development


Promoting youth and woment innovation and entrepreneurship among graduates in the fields of STEM efforts.

  • Oversight and development of partnerships internal to the organization with other academic institutions, industry, investors, non-profits, and government entities.
  • Oversight of the technology transfer operations including managing technology
  • Technology commercialization experience such as an entrepreneurial leadership role in a startup or small business 
  •  Establishing successful relationships with venture banks, private industries, and entrepreneurs
  • Establish relationship with government institutions and workshops available for Entrepreneurs (eg ICT Park , innovation and technology ministry
  • Inspire and empower  graduates in one of the STEM fields to develop   a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.


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