Women’s Economic Empowerment – Rethinking startegies to  End  Poverty in Women in Africa/Ethiopia

Women’s economic empowerment is vital to achieving gender equality and sustainable development. Women play a critical role in the economy as employees, customers, executives,  producers and entrepreneurs.

Inputs to Reduce Poverty in Women

1. STEM education  & capacity building 
2. Women Employment & Entrepreneurship
3. Acess to Finance
4. Innovation and Technology
  • Women’s empowerment through economic advancement.
  • Targeting women owned small and medium enterprises,
  • Assistance should incorporate lessons learned, and should be tailored to address local needs and take advantage of local momentum. 

Areas of assistance likely may include

  • Strengthening the capacity of women business owners, 
  • Increasing access to finance, and 
  • Increasing access to local markets and technology needed to sustain and grow businesses.
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