Affordable Solar Technology for Job Creation  is launched in Ethiopia by STEM Synergy in partnership with Lytefire.

Appropriate technology transfer for the poor in collaboration with our  partner Lytefire. An affordable Solar technology, deployed the right way, can be the  most powerful weapon against poverty.

  • Building scalable and sustainable solutions for women and smallholders
  • Technology that solves problems or improve solutions
  • Technology that revolutionizes agriculture, food and cooking
  • Innovative and functional technological product with clear strategic directions


A blue cart with solar panels on top of it.
First solar oven manufactured by STEM Synergy
A man is putting something in the box
Technology Manager checking the efficiency of the oven.
A group of people standing in front of trays of food.
A person putting dough into an oven
one tray can bake 40 loaves of bread
Two girls in aprons are standing next to a tray of food.
A man holding a tray of food in front of an oven.
A man holding a laptop next to another man.
Two men standing at a podium in front of an audience.
A group of people standing around talking to each other.
2022 Ethiopian National Science , Dr, Board Chairman posing for photo with winner
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