The 2019 Ethiopian National Science Fair will be held in Addis  in November

Ethiopia will celebrate its 2019 National Science Fair (NSF) on November 10,2019. 2013 finalists from each region will come to  the nation’s capital to present their work for judges. The event is funded and  organized by :

  • STEM Synergy
  • Ministry of  Education
  • Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MINT)
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • National Academy of Science
  • Kotebe Metropolitan University
  • STEMpower

A  total of 213 students from all regions will present their work. The fair will stay open between November 5 through November 10. Winners of the contest will be awarded for their work on November 10.

The venue for the fair is decided to be in the premise of the Ethiopian Academy of Science.

STEM Synergy would like to thank its major sponsors for the event:

Ethiopian Airlines
Ethiopian Academic and Scientific Network
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