Welcome to STEM Synergy

STEM Synergy is a US-based International NGO with  501(C) (3) tax exempt status from IRS. The organization empowers  youth and women to gain  hands-on education and trainings to provide simple and affordable solutions to  real- world local problems in the developing world.

The power of affordable technology to fight poverty and provide practical solutions to development problems of the poor.

Promoting innovation and technology to meet the basic economic needs of the poor (Agriculture, Clean Water and Energy)

 USE OF innovation and technology TO COMBAT POVERTY

Short-term humanitarian aid to help poor people is usually not enough to lift them out of the cycle of poverty. Poverty alleviation is  a long-term strategy that should  lead to self-reliance and sustainability. Technology and innovation are the best weapons to fight poverty and break the cycle of individual and societal  poverty in Africa.  Africa's backwardness or  poverty is somehow attributed to shortage of better skilled workforce in these fields in the continent.

Major Areas

STEM education and Skills building Training
Youth & Women Economic Opportunities ( Business Incubation & Acceleration)
Financial Inclusion
Innovation & Technology to solve developmental problems for the poor
Building pipeline of STEM workforce for sustainable development




Why promoting technology, innovation, youth employment & entrepreneurship matter for Ethiopia?

Millions of Ethiopian youth are unemployed. Millions more will enter the labor market making it a pressing problem for the country. International organizations, governments and private industries need to partner  to inspire and empower these forces to unleash their potential for national growth and development . 

We believe in the youth’s  power to bring sustainable development. We need to be enabler and  train and retrain them so that they are empowered to: 

1. Fight poverty and transform their lives and their communities

2. Prepare themselves to create jobs and/ or businesses and reduce the skyrocketing rate of youth unemployment.  

3. Provide them career exploration opportunities and let them see what the real-world jobs look and feel like

4. Provide economic opportunities for them to build  their livelihoods.

5. Inspire their minds to innovate and solve societal problem. Encourage them to study science and technology in order to build the STEM pipeline. 

Hands-on lab-based STEM education emphasizes real-world problem-solving, creativity, and skill-building — all factors that enable youthful brainpower to engineer their homeland out of stubborn poverty.

5. Contribute their share for the national economic growth and development.

6. Enhance their deep and true understanding of their environment and life in general so that they come up with innovate and out of the box solutions for their communities.

  • Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship

Crafting solution to create access to Capital for Entrepreneurs

Providing access to financial products and services for undeserved and un-banked youth and women.

 access to financial products and services for underserved and underbanked women,

Connecting the un-banked youth and women entrepreneurs to micro financial institutions

 Our Priority Areas
  • Affordable Technology for the poor to use to fight poverty
  • Agriculture/food processing tools and techniques.
  • Access to clean water and sustainable energy
  • Business incubation and acceleration for youth and women
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